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Voodoo Macbeth

Large Mixed Cast

Tonya Hays from William Shakespeare Price: $8.99

Shakespeare's classic tragedy comes to life in a unique way ...

The setting is Bayou St. John in New Orleans where Marie Laveau invites everyone to come and watch this tragic tale

"I welcome you to Bayou St. John on St. John's Eve. On this hallowed night, I have something special for you. Members of our group have been preparing a presentation, a celebration of a dark tale of a tragic king. My children, ZiZi, Saloppe and Josephine, will lead you through with the power of the gris-gris and voodoo to weave this story of greed, passion and despair As I have told you many times voodoo for me is never evil. It will be used for good, so enjoy this tale and learn its lesson well my children"

The witches ZiZi, Saloppe and Josephine manipulate the characters and the story

The use of puppetry, voodoo dolls and gris-gris add to the surreal setting

Dead characters appearing as zombies from the voodoo tradition lend an eerie, evil ambience to the entire macabre tale

The optional use of percussion through traditional drum rhythms enhances the experience and heightens the tension and intrigue of Macbeth's doomed quest

Area staging - runs about 45 minutes

M3-5,F6-9 +, 6 - 8 either gender

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