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Voices From Ariel - Ten-Minute Plays Reflecting the Jewish Experience

2 Male, 2 Female

Julianne Bernstein - Editor Price: $9.99

This unique collection of 10 short plays was commissioned and produced by Theatre Ariel, one of America's leading theater companies dedicated to Jewish culture through the medium of new plays

Some plays are about contemporary Jewish life, others are about Jewish women, while the rest are based on stories and characters from the Old Testament, giving them a theatrical and very modern up-to-date twist

The 10 Ten-Minute plays are ...

The Foot Peddler ~ Vivian Green - M1

A bumbling peddler tells of selling his wares in 19th-century Pennsylvania

The Ger (The Convert) ~ Leslie B. Gold & Louis Greenstein - M1,F2.

A recent convert tries to rally support from family and friends.

A Golden Opportunity ~ Julianne Bernstien - M1 + 2 Either

A clever Midrash biblical interpretation: a talking golden calf speaks out on worshiping idols

In Spite of Everything ~ Hindi Brooks - F2

A mother and daughter renew each other's faith while trapped in a Tel Aviv apartment during an Iraq scud attack

An Interview With a Scapegoat ~ Louis Greenstein - M1,F1 or M2 or F2

In this clever Midrash biblical interpretation, a Reporter is taken to task when she tries to get her story on the hottest goat in the wilderness!

Single Jewish Female ~ Julianne Bernstien - M1,F2

A young woman enters a newspaper office to place a personal ad.

Smoke ~ Louis Greenstein -M1

A disquisition on cigars, memory and the Sabbath

'Til Death Do Us Plots ~ Julianne Bernstein M1,F2

Newly divorced and "dead" Art and Lucille are stuck for eternity and some everlasting "kvetching" in a double coffin

Where's Your Stuff? ~ Daniel Brenner - M1,F2

A young man who has given up his faith is haunted in the middle of the night by the spirit of his long-departed bar mitzvah coach, Cantor Birnbaum

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