Voiceover Narration - Creating Performances from the Inside Out

Voiceover Narration - Creating Performances from the Inside Out $27.99

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Dian Perry

Published by Methuen

What goes on inside a great narrator to make them great?

This ground-breaking work answers this question by exploring every aspect of voiceover

The reader is given a bird's-eye view of the professional narrator's mental, physical, and vocal ”machinery” as well as an in-depth look at the underlying currents that power it: energy, intention, emotion, connection, and flow

Ideal for all - from novice to seasoned voiceover pro - Voiceover Narration inspires the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of voiceover performance within each narration subgenre, including audiobooks, corporate films, documentaries, e-learning, and explainer videos

With wisdom, humor, and personal anecdotes, Dian Perry shares everything she has learned about narration from decades as a voice actor and teacher

Her advice is supplemented by graphics, worksheets, and a variety of sample text for practice

Voiceover Narration is a much-needed handbook that guides voice actors in creating and delivering more intuitive voiceover performances



Chapter 1 - The Essence of Communication
Energy and Vibration
Resonance and Connection
Flow and Coherence
Intro to Mind-Body-Voice
The Heart-Brain Connection
The 7 Wavelengths of Communication

Chapter 2 - The Foundations of Narration
Current Trends
Top Down
Outside In
The Mind-Body-Voice Connection
Identifying the Players
In Character
The 3 Dials - Intention, Pace, and Formality
Visuals and Visualizing
We Are How We Speak
Viola's Story
Narrator Archetypes
Transformation - Bella's Story

Chapter 3 - Projects
Audio Description
Audio Guides
Corporate Films
Explainer Videos
Holiday Video Tours
Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR)
Language Training (LT)
Museum Display
On Hold Messaging
Point-of-sale Videos
Satellite Navigation (Satnav)

Chapter 4 - Prep
Pouring the Foundations
Preparing the Text
Preparing Mind, Body, and Voice
Prep for Audiobooks

Chapter 5 - Performance
Alignment and Focus
Getting Heart-centered
Switching to Performance Mode
Perception - Victor's Story
Incorporating the 7 Wavelengths
Translating 'Client Speak'
Let's Get Physical (and Emotional)
Managing Nervous Energy
Staying in the Flow
Silencing the Inner Critic

Chapter 6 - Pitfalls
Out of Focus
Perfectionism - the Toxic Read Killer
Looping Syndrome (or the Self-conscious Read)
Bad Habits and How to Break Them
The Self-imposed Error Quota
Fluffing with Grace
Too Many Hats
Ghosts of the Past

Chapter 7 - Practice
Audio Description
Audio Guide (Audio Tour)
Corporate Films
Explainer Video
Holiday Video Tour
Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)
Language Training (LT)
Museum Display
On Hold Messaging
Point-of-sale Video
Satellite Navigation (Satnav)

Chapter 8 - On the Job
The Studio
The Client
The Session
The Solo Session
The Demo

Words of Wisdom and Final Thoughts
Appendix: Narration Toolbox


“I am struck by the emphasis on narration and storytelling, as well as an articulation of the mind-body-voice connection ... I have not encountered a VO text that delves deeply into this arena, and it would be exciting to read a detailed account, guidelines, and exercises/analysis of what is actually at play in the mind-body of the speaker” - Christine Woodberry, Boston University School of Theatre, US

“A great book providing an insider's approach to voiceover narration ... The author is knowledgeable and authoritative about her subject and writes in an approachable and professional way” - David Carey, Voice and Text Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, US

“This book is unique and offers an approach, delivered as a step-by-step course, to the field of voice-over/narration work” - Alex Taylor, Head of Voice, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK

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