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Voice of Good Hope

2 Male, 4 Female

Kristine Thatcher Price: $9.99

Elected to the Texas State Senate in 1966, Barbara Jordan became the first black senator since 1883. Six years later she became the first black woman from the Deep South elected to the United States House of Representatives

During the 1974 House Judiciary Committee's deliberations on the impeachment of Richard Nixon, Jordan's calm and reasonable defense of the Constitution gained her a reputation as a politician who could cross party lines to an American public in need of a steady voice

Voice of Good Hope the life of this remarkable leader. From the lessons she learned as a child in a junkyard in Houston's impoverished Fifth Ward, to the political maneuverings that took place behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, Kristine Thatcher documents the spirit of the woman who rose, against all odds, to be one of this country's most powerful orators, one of its most astute politicians, one of its greatest teachers and, ultimately, one of its most private citizens

"Thatcher has crafted a thoughtful and sympathetic picture of the first African-American woman to be elected to Congress from the Deep South" ~ Variety

"Kristine Thatcher has written a wise, warm and quite wonderful new play" ~ Chicago Tribune

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