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Christina Gutekunst and John Gillett

Published by Methuen Drama

How can actors bridge the gap between themselves and the text and action of a script, integrating fully their learned vocal skills?

How do we make an imaginary world real, create the life of a role, and fully embody it vocally and physically so that voice and acting become one?

Christina Gutekunst and John Gillett unite their depth of experience in voice training and acting to create an integrated and comprehensive approach informed by Stanislavski and his successors – the acting approach widely taught to actors in drama schools throughout the world

This updated edition contains a new chapter on vocal embodiment of actions, new findings from neuroscience supporting the approach, more exercises, warm-up routines for training, rehearsal and performance, and a completely new glossary of terms

The authors create a step-by-step guide to explore how voice can

- Respond to our thoughts, senses, feelings, imagination and will
- Fully express language in content and form
- Communicate imaginary circumstances and human experience
- Transform to adapt to different roles
- Connect to a variety of audiences and spaces

Featuring 55 illustrations by German artist, Dany Heck, Voice into Acting is an essential manual for the actor seeking full vocal identity in characterization, and for the voice teacher open to new techniques or an alternative approach to harmonize with the actor's process


The authors combine a depth of experience in voice teaching and in acting that enables them to write with authority, wisdom and clarity... The material is thorough, detailed, and very well organized. Strongly recommended ~ David Carey, Voice and Text Director UK and USA

A unique and valuable resource for all those who wish to explore a cohesive and fully integrated method for bringing a character to vivid life... engaging the voice, body, and mind ~ Theatre Topics, USA

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