Vintage Murder - An Interactive Murder Mystery Game

Susan Haley

Published by Cyberpress

You're invited to the last wine auction the Tortellini Brothers Winery will ever hold

The historical winery, known for it's rare but excellent cabernets, is being sold due to the death of its owner, Georgio Tortellini

6 PRIMARY SUSPECTS (they will have full knowledge of the mystery & be given a complete script):

Olive Tortellini: Georgio's eldest daughter. She wants to sell the winery and its acreage to Joe Bob Biggs, her new boyfriend. Only she can't seem to convince Carmine that her plan is a better one than selling to Gertrude Tuesday. And she can't contest the will because she'll be disinherited!

Toni (Antoinette) Tortellini: Georgio's youngest daughter. She'll do anything to hold onto the winery and carry on her great-grandfather's legacy. She does have a plan to make that happen - a plan she's already put into action

Jessie Jones: The local law (and FBI reject). She lays claim to the Tortellini Winery on behalf of her father who Georgio unjustly fired shortly before his death. She feels her father is due some sort of severance compensation after 25 years on the job and she feels he was unjustly fired. So far, Carmine, as executor, is rejecting her claim

Carmine Blanca: He became Georgio's driver after giving him a ride when his car broke down in the Nevada desert. Everyone but Carmine(??) was surprised when Georgio made Carmine executor of his estate and thus a millionaire (due to the 5% executor's fee)

Joe Bob Biggs: He's a land developer who owns the acreage neighbouring winery and wants the winery's land to build a large (and need we say garish?) strip mall. He was hoping Olive would be his ace in the hole but she's proving otherwise

Nigel Tuesday: A lily-livered mama's boy who's often taken advantage of because of his wealth tied with his inability to say no. He's gotten himself into quite a dilemma and needs the sage of advice of his mother. Unfortunately, Gertrude is gambling in Reno right now and not answering her pages. It's making him frantic

SECONDARY SUSPECTS (Optional. Remember, EVERYONE will be actively involved in this mystery because it will be their job to solve the case and because you'll be encouraging them to come in costume and in character. Use any and all of these secondary suspects if you have "extra" cast members you want to use. You will NOT give them a script but you will give them a description of their character and let them run with it):

Rocco Rosetti: Carmine's tough guy crony who is clearly "connected"

Dr. Jacobi: Olive's shrink who advises her and talks her through her "stressful" situations

Barney Schneckel: Jessie's new and enthusiastic trainee who is too much of a newbie to see that Jessie is out of line by raiding the party to investigate a murder that hasn't even happened yet. He's like a puppy dog who only wants to please. Think Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show

Zach Henry: The winery's sexy gardener and Toni's boy toy. They clearly lust after each other but do their best to keep their relationship under wraps. He is her staunchest defender

Dr. Jerri: Nigel's doctor and substitute mother

These audience-participatory Murder Mysteries are distinctive in that everything from arguments to clues to the actual murders happens in the middle of the audience enabling them to participate and witness every action first hand. None of the dialogue is scripted - it's all improvised - the role of the guests is to actively solve the case by asking the suspects questions, following them, eavesdropping on their conversations, and so on - whatever it takes to discover whodunit

NUMBER OF PLAYERS - Up to 125 plus the Primary Suspects (your cast)

LENGTH OF MYSTERY - Approximately 2 hours.

HOW IT WORKS: You'll need to provide 6-8 people willing to take part in the mystery as the primary suspects, victim(s), detective and killer (see below). They'll have full knowledge of the script, which means they'll know "whodunit". The rest of your guests will take on the role of Detective and it will be their job to solve the case. Everyone, therefore, will have a crucial part in the mystery. The game lasts about 1 ½ to 2 hours but you can, of course, make it longer by allowing more time between the scenes/action

Your guest actors won't have to memorize a lot of dialogue but they will have to be familiar with a sequence of events or timeline that will move the mystery through the clues, the murder(s) and the solving of the crime. They'll also have to carry out certain actions (like arguments) and suspicious activities to set themselves up as Primary Suspects

NB - This type of mystery game is geared towards groups of 15 or more. All scripts are rated PG-13, contain adult themes and may not be suitable for children


Upon arrival, the guests receive a program that will be a guideline for the mystery (included in this package). The primary suspects start to mingle in character, usually during the reception, and begin setting up the mystery with clues, arguments, gossip, that sort of thing. Just about the time the first course is served, the guests witness the (1st) murder. The mystery continues to unfold with more dramatic action and more clues that will lead to the mystery's conclusion. The "detective" character then allows the guests to asks his primary suspects any final questions and has the guests fill out their detective evidence record (which they receive with their programs). The solution is dramatically revealed around the time dessert is served


1. Program master (you will provide this program to all participants. It will be their guide to the mystery by providing the basic plot of the mystery, the primary suspect list and the "rules" of the game.)
2. Solution sheet master
3. Invitation master
4. Outstanding and Bumbling Detective certificates
5. Cast guidelines and suggestions
6. Supply list and prop use instructions (if applicable)
7. Paper props (for example, a medicine label or a will)

NOTE: You need only buy ONE Copy

The complete Package will be available immediately via email Download link and you can Print as many copies as you need

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