very still & hard to see

very still & hard to see $10.99

Steve Yockey

Published by Samuel French Inc

4 Male 5 Female

This collection of short plays mixes comedic absurdity with raw heartbreak to unearth worlds populated by desperate people, mythical characters, faceless corporate masters, and at least one Slasher flick heroine

The second half of the collection is comprised of the work very still & hard to see - a short play cycle recounting the history of a cursed hotel and the unfortunate guests who stay there

From riding in an erratic elevator and dealing with possessive ghosts, to managing an ever-expanding hole in the floor armed only with cleaning supplies, these encounters with the unkown chillingly collapse the distance between the real and the surreal and remind us that, sometimes, bad things do happen for a reason

The Playlets are ...

foolish heart
heavy cream 

a lovely violent ghost haiku with gun 

when it happens it will happen quietly
very still & hard to see (a short play cycle)

Runs about 75 mins without an Interval


M4,F5 - Ensemble cast, Expandable casting, Flexible

Parts for as many as 16 men and 25 women, which can be doubled & reduced to 4 men and 5 women

MINDY a woman, a wife, "type A," and one for making plans but not always good plans

KEITH a man, a husband, in love with Mindy but it's not easy trying to go along with this program

ADAM a frustrated business man showing the signs of sleep deprivation

SALLY a very put together woman, all business with a clear eye for advancement

JAMES an optimistic man, probably not very well cut out for management

BETTY a young woman, a Buttercow Milk Page with an enormous bundle of white balloons

KATE a lovelorn young woman

LINDSAY a nosey young woman

SAMMY a woman trying to explain

SARAH(a) a spurned lover, an object of affection

SARAH(b) a spurned lover, an object of affection

ELIZABETH a woman in her 20s with a penchant for strong alcohol and suppressing her feelings and reality

WHITE STAG a white stag with impressive antlers

VIOLET a young woman, effortlessly sexy and oddly confident

JULIE a young woman, naïve but observant

BAG MAN a man, hulking, looming, dirty, and probably horribly disfigured underneath the bag he wears on his head

BOY a teenage boy, a bit of a hooligan

GIRL a teenage girl, trendy but dark

LINDSAY a woman, paranoid an charming, nervous but likeable

WOMAN a trendy woman who steps out of the group

KITH a woman, lithe, constantly moving loose hair out of her face

KIN Kith's little sister, perhaps a bit smaller, a bit weaker, but clearly the peacemaker

OBAKE a "woman" but more of a secret thing, striking, poised; also plays MUD WOMAN

BUCK a man, an architect; also plays SHIKIGAMI 2 and CANARY

ETHAN a man, Betty's husband, handsome but wandering; also plays SAM and GUEST

BETTY a woman with trouble sleeping and a need to clean; also plays KAMI 1 and VIOLET

EDITH a woman, still jovial in grappling with tragedy; also plays SHIKIGAMI 1 and PUNCH

GINGER a woman, caught between who she'd like to be and what she's actually done; also plays KIMBERLY and SIMONE

FRANKLIN a man, a bit sassy and very rule-oriented; also plays JASPER

DAVID a man, Simone's husband, no fan of attention but doing his best; also plays KAMI 2 Author Steve Yockey

"Steven Yockey's series of haunted tales is strung together with expert eeriness" ~ LA Weekly

" ... an eerie excusion into the surreal and supernatural" ~ Backstage

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