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6 Male, 4 Female

Agatha Christie Price: $9.99

The Hendryks, refugees in England, have lost everything. Karl with his talents, charm, and hard work rebuilds their lives. But Anya, his wife, is fatally ill and so her old friend, Lisa, who secretly loves karl, lives with them and runs the house

The three are very close. Their serenity is shattered when wealthy, brainless but headstrong Hellen Rolander bribes her way into taking private lessons from Karl. Her infatuation for him being unreturned she doesn't stop at murder to clear the way

But after Anya's dead, Hellen realizing her schemes were futile commits suicide. So Anya's death is pinned on Lisa backed by evidence from a scandal mongering char lady. Lisa's found not guilty and after their mutual agony she and Karl build a new life from the wreckage

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