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Valued Friends

4 Male, 2 Female

Stephen Jeffreys Price: $12.99

Four people live together in a large old house in London. They include Sherry a wacky girl trying to make it as a comedienne; Paul a pop music journalist; Paul's girlfriend Marion; and Howard, who is writing a left wing analysis of the corruption of capitalism under the Thatcher government

They all are perfectly content living where they are; until, that is, a developer offers them a huge sum of money to vacate. Soon, their talk about music and idealism gives way to heated discussions about real estate, capital appreciation and negotiating tactics

They decide that they can force the developer to raise his offer by renovating the house; and three years of this leave them with a huge capital gain and a deep spiritual loss

"An amusing and well observed comedy" ~ London Evening Standard

"A strong, wiry and unsparingly intelligent play" ~ London Sunday Times

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