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Until He Wasn’t

2 Male, 4 Female

Patrick McLaughlin Price: $9.99

Colin Bayley is the common bond between four complete strangers

For Natalie ... he was a breath of fresh air that brought her back to life

For Tenille ... he was the co-star in her personal “Meg Ryan” movie

For Gavin ... he was an unexpected surprise

And for Raya ... he was everything

When these four strangers meet to share their personal histories with the same man, it's clear there was more to the charming Mr Bayley than they want to admit

Something dark

So who exactly is their common friend?

And why were they all so drawn to him

It's a mystery

But they all agree on one thing ...

Colin Bayley was the perfect man

Until he wasn’t


““A sexually charged thriller ... It made the hairs on my arms and neck stand up” ~ Columbus Underground

“An intriguing cautionary tale about romantic infatuation and sexual attraction” ~ The Columbus Dispatch

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