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Uncle Snake

Israel Horovitz Price: $9.99

Although filled with modern references and a sense of present day attitudes, the pageant deals essentially with the accomplishments of the Second Continental Congress, and the singular, dynamic men who led it

One by one they are identified and commented on by the Narrator, as an oversized serpent is put together and paraded about. In the end the scope of their endeavor is made clear: a Declaration of Independence which will live on in history, and set a pattern to be emulated by all who struggle in the cause of freedom and human dignity

Particularly suitable for the nation's Bi-Centennial the pageant, with its brilliant theatricality, offers an exciting event for any number of other occasions as well

Originally commissioned by the Parks Commission of New York City, and first performed, outdoors, in the Wall Street area, this colorful inventive pageant captures the sweep and excitement of our nation's formative years

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