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Two Horsemen

2 Male, 0 Female

Biyi Bandele-Thomas Price: $16.95

“In Two Horsemen ‘Biyi Bandele-Thomas writes sympathetically about imaginative escape from drudgery

Two men in a hut while away the time talking. They say they are street-sweepers, but gradually they slither away from reality, swapping identities and repeating passages of dialogue until you have no idea who they are, what is the truth and whether they are alive or dead. Bandele-Thomas' writing is exciting, enigmatic and disturbing - like Beckett and Pinter, he manages to use dramatic dialogue to create an unsettling slippery world” ~ Sarah Hemming, The Independent

“Thomas’ one-act play is a celebration of talk, pure and simple. Stripping words of narrative function or informative responsibility, he invites us to marvel at the power and the limitations, the beauty and the coarseness, the clichés and the mind boggling variety of language” ~ What’s On, Sara Abdulla

“...richly comic and enigmatic ... Reminiscent of both Beckett and Soyinka, this is a thrilling piece of writing” ~ Clare Bayley, Time Out

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