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+ Twist - A Comedy Thriller

3 Male, 3 Female

Miles Tredinnick Price: $9.75

** 25% DISCOUNT **

Twist is a hilarious spoof of the much-loved theatrical thriller where nobody is what they seem and nothing is what it should be

David Woods is a mild-mannered accountant who sees a sensational way of making a fortune by writing a kiss-and-tell biography about his venomous wife Sarah, the nation’s favourite actress from the hit TV soap Doctors and Nurses

He then decides that his book could do even better if she's murdered first

With all the ingredients you’d expect of a first class thriller, the cunning twists and turns will take you on a corkscrew ride of suspense and excitement

And just when you think you know what’s going to happen Twist catches you out one more time before the breath-taking dénouement

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