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Twice the Usual Number of Suspects

Thomas Hischak Price: $9.99

A movie double bill for the theatre!

Two classics are given a delightful twist in this evening of farce with a large and flexible cast

Shakespeare, Sophocles, Humphrey Bogart, and the Marx Brothers all collide in this daffy entertainment

Each play can also be produced on its own, making a one-act comedy ideal for contest use

Richard Blaine, The Merchant Of Morocco or, If Shakespeare Had Written Casablanca

What would it have been like if William Shakespeare had written the movie classic Casablanca?

The result is an hilarious tale of romance and intrigue written in mock-Elizabethan verse and sprinkled with incongruous Shakespearean and Hollywood quotes

Cocoanut Soup At The Palace or, If the Marx Brothers Had Performed Oedipus The King

Yes, it really is Oedipus The King as only the zany Marx Brothers could perform this Sophoclean classic tragedy in their inimitable style

A raucous comedy that turns Greek drama into a three-ring circus complete with a silent soothsayer, an Italian shepherd, and a wisecracking king

Wonderful for high schools

A great way to introduce Shakespeare

Good for touring.

By the author of Princess Antigone

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