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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Large Mixed Cast

Jennifer Kirkeby & Shirley Mier from Clement C.… Price: $9.99

This Musical re-telling of probably the most popular Christmas poem ever will delight audiences of all ages ...

It's four days before Christmas, and the New York Evening Post needs a holiday feature story

President James Monroe is counting on reading it to his family on Christmas Day - but writer Clement Moore has writer's block!

Besides that, he must work at home amongst his five children who are, needless to say, very anxious for St. Nicholas to arrive

As Clement's frustration mounts, the magic begins ...

... the sounds of bells, moving toys and visions of Sugar Plum Fairies all conspire to help Clement, as key events from the classic poem come to life

All interwoven with carol-singers, a song to St. Nicholas, dancing fairies and much more!

Including, of course, a visit from the old elf himself

This delightful musical concludes with the complete original poem set to exquisite music (Scores For Hire)

Cast: M6,F16 + 4 either gender - Can be expanded to up to M16,F20 + 15 either gender

Unit set - runs about 60 mins

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