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Troy - Oxford Playscripts

Large Mixed Cast

David Calcutt Price: $15.95

A fresh contemporary re-telling of the story of the Trojan War ...

The Greek champion Achilles is returning to the Trojan War

Intent on revenge for the killing of his friend Patroclus, he is determined to fight Hector to the death

The outcome of the war rests on this one fight

And Troy 24, Olympus Broadcasting's most popular news channel, plans to get the world exclusive


The Oxford Playscripts series offers exciting and skilful adaptations of a range of major novels and also includes ...

* New, innovative activities specifically tailored for Key Stage 3 English & Drama and aimed at 11-14 year old students

* Activities include work on Speaking and Listening, close text analysis and the structure of playscripts, and as a springboard for personal writing

* Insights into the plays from their distinguished authors and adapters

* Advice on staging

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