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Trixie the Teen Detective and the Mystery of Gravestead Manor

Large Mixed Cast

Cynthia Mercati Price: $9.99

Trixie and her faithful chums set out to investigate ghostly Gravestead Manor

After all, isn’t she Happyvale Heights’ most famous teen detective?

Didn’t she solve six mysteries last week?

A wacky fortune teller and her cohorts have taken up residence in the manor

Strangers keep arriving: an off-the-wall archeologist, a crew of female plumbers, even Trixie’s dizzy (but devoted!) housekeeper

But are any of them really who they say they are?

We find that the Muldavian Crown Jewels are hidden somewhere inside Gravestead Manor, and a frenzied chase ensues to find them — spies, counter-spies, agents, counter-agents, and counter-counter-agents pursuing one another over and under every piece of furniture on stage

Will Trixie have enough energy left over for prom night?

And what about the secret formula hidden inside the Crown Jewels?


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