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Tracy Beaker Gets Real!

7 Male, 4 Female

Mary Morris & Grant Olding from Jacqueline Wilson Price: $14.99

Britain's most popular teenager comes to the stage!

We join Tracy, aged 15, as she returns to the "Dumping Ground" and looks back on the last four years of her life, from being fostered - and dumped - and fostered again, to finding a happy, if not altogether harmonious home with writer Cam

When Tracy's mum unexpectedly re-appears in her life, Tracy hopes that her days of being passed around like a parcel are over, but she soon comes to realize that the people she has always tried to push away are the ones she really needs the most

Adapted from one of the most successful children's books ever, this touching and very funny musical play brings Tracy Beaker's trademark talent for troublemaking, fun and friendship to any production The Cast

  • Tracy, 10-15: exhausting, rude, cheeky, angry and beguiling
  • Justine, 10-15: haughty and smart
  • Peter, 9-14: quiet and easily shoved around
  • Louise, 10-15: pretty; a peacemaker
  • Elaine the Pain, likeable, bungling social worker
  • Mum, self-deceiving and unreliable
  • Cam, bookish, clever, steady

    Vocal score, chorus books and backing tracks are available On Hire

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