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Toy Symphony

Michael Gow Price: $29.95

Roland Henning has writer’s block

When he tries to explain the situation to a therapist, his story begins to tumble back and forth between his childhood in The Shire and his work as a playwright

At the root of it all is that extraordinary day in primary school which shattered his boyhood and plunged him headlong into the dizzy circus of life and art

His story is funny, fiercely eloquent and shockingly honest

Toy Symphony is a wrestle between the vicious bastardry of being an artist and the sheer exhilaration of the creative act

"Michael Gow's Toy Symphony is rich and exhilarating" ~ Bryce Hallett, SMH

" ... a deeply involving and many-layered work" ~ The Australian

Winner of the 2007 Sydney Theatre Awards in the category New Australian Work

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