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Toufann - A Mauritian Fantasy

Large Cast Male, 2 Female

Dev Virahsawmy in an English version by Nisha &… Price: $14.95

Computer genius Prospero and his daughter Kordelia watch as a ship is mysteriously wrecked on their island

On board are their enemies from the past - King Lir, his brother Edmon and Prospero's brother Yago. With the help of the robot Aryel and his amazing video projections it seems that Prospero will take his revenge and marry Kordelia to the King's son Ferjinand

But the young people have different ideas ...

Also on the ship are Kaspalto and Dammarro, the traditional clowns of Mauritian culture, who are set to have fun on the magical island where the sega music is constant and even the coconuts seem to have whisky in them !

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