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Too Much Prattle and Tattle

4 Male, 4 Female

Victor Gentile Price: $7.99

Sir Edward marries Martha Jameson

Who has a niece named Miss Claire

Who has a friend Miss Sara

Who knows Jay Farthing

Who knows Sir Edward's nephew Farren

Who has a cousin called Gregory

Whose uncle is Sir Edward

Who has no clue about Farthing and the Huguenot maid, Musette

Gregory courts Claire and wins her love with a devious kiss

Farren and Miss Sara take a walk and fall in love

The HMS Cannon sinks the privateers

And The Maryanne arrives safely to port

And the dreaded Captain Byrd is tried and hung

And don't forget the English sonnet

Because it's all Too Much Prattle and Tattle

That's the name of her


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