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Today I Am! - Five Short Plays About Growing Up Jewish

1 Male, 4 Female

Sandra Fenichel Asher Price: $9.99

One Foot After Another, adapted from a story by Lois Ruby. 2w., 1m., 1 boy

Barry is 13 years old and will become a bar mitzvah and graduate college on the same day. Alma is 82, a college freshman, and hasn't been inside a synagogue since the early '30s. They're out of step with everyone, but not with each another

David's Star, adapted from a story by Jacqueline Dembar Greene. 1m., 1 teen boy, 2 teen girls

A Sephardic Jew who prefers to keep her heritage to herself, teenager Cara chooses to take a stand when her boss' anti-Semitism threatens her friend Sam

The Heart of Buchanan, adapted from a story by Sandy Asher. 1w., 4 girls 8 to 13

Sarah's military family moves often, but never before to a town as small as Buchanan. Sarah makes friends by singing in the choir and takes the Christmas program lightly-until she realizes its effect on her more vulnerable little sister

Wrestling With Angels, adapted from a story by Carol Matas. 1w., 2 teen boys, 2 teen girls

Jaci doubts her religion and feels pressured to keep up with her friends, who have decided on a boyfriend for her and a body-piercing to celebrate her birthday. But a dream interpreted by an Orthodox classmate gives her a new perspective on herself and on Judaism

Frank and Stein, adapted from a story by Eve B. Feldman. 1m., 1., 1 teen boy, 1 younger girl

Ben Stein receives a diary as a bar mitzvah present and records the agony and ecstasy of the hours leading up to and beyond his big day

Total running time about 75 minutes

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