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+ To She Who Waits

1 Male, 3 Female

Bob Clyman Price: $14.40

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Meg and Jack were childhood sweethearts

They got married

And when their daughter Hannah was born, Meg stayed home with her, while Jack worked

They were happy

But then their church hired a new pastor

Flash forward …

Jack is dead

And Meg is fighting the church she fled for custody of Hannah

She is about to see Hannah for the first time in two years

And the clock is ticking ...

She has only 12 visits to convince Hannah - who is openly hostile toward her - to leave the church she loves and its promise of salvation and live with Meg

The mother who left her behind


” … a perceptively drawn and keenly affecting mother-daughter relationship” ~

“The three leading characters are written with nuance and depth not often seen in works addressing religious cults … The narrative was compelling and the portrayals were sensitively handled. This is a work worth seeing and watching where it goes next” ~

” … exacting dialogue, and a topic that is tackled with insight, compassion and humanity … This is a must see and you will delight in the struggle so excellently portrayed in this slice of life that will stay with you long after you leave the theater” ~ Ronni Burns,

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