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Tiptoe Through the Tombstones

4 Male, 6 Female

Norman Robbins Price: $12.99

Months have passed since the ghastly events in Monument House occurred that are related in a Tomb With A View

Mortimer Crayle, the crusty lawyer, and his secretary have gathered the remaining members of the Tomb family at the house, ostensibly to inform this off beat bunch about their inheritance

In reality, Crayle has designs on the estate that necessitate eliminating all Tombs

Fog descends on the gloomy mansion and in the cobwebby corridors things and people are seldom what they seem

Poison is in every decanter and there are mysterious disappearances

Hosts and guests join the rising pile of bodies in the cellar

Previous acquaintance with the Tombs is not required to enjoy this glorious spoof

For the final part of the Trilogy - Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb, click here

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