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Tips for Actors

Fergus Craig Price: $14.95

"This book will replace Stanislavski's An Actor Prepares" ~ Jeff Daniels

In the most important theatrical book of this or any other decade, Tips for Actors gives you all the advice you need to take your acting to the next level

This comprehensive guide offers tips on everything you need to know ranging from how to upstage your fellow cast members to what to wear on the first day of rehearsals

And who else but Fergus Craig would come up with such transformative advice as ...

"Never read the script. Would your character read the script? No, of course not. For them the script doesn’t exist"

The answer is no one

Because no other writer has been brave enough to tell actors the truth

Until now


"If only I had read this when I was 19 I could have saved myself three years at RADA!" ~ David Morrissey

"What sort of person would be an actor? What kind of tragic empty husk of a human being would rely on pretending to be someone they’re not for the amusement of strangers? Find out inside!" ~ Al Murray

"A very, very funny book" ~ Chris O'Dowd

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