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Tipping the Velvet

Large Mixed Cast

Laura Wade from Sarah Waters Price: $14.95

It’s 1887 and Nancy Astley sits in the audience at her local music hall

She doesn’t know it yet, but the next act on the bill will change her life

Tonight is the night she’ll fall in love …

... with the thrill of the stage

... and with Kitty Butler

A girl who wears trousers

Giddy with desire and hungry for experience, Nancy follows Kitty to London

Where unimaginable adventures await ...

M4,F6 (doubling)


" ... amazing … (the heroine) begins her story soaked in brine and ends it soaked in sex" ~ Salon

"With a title that's a euphemism for cunnilingus and a plot awash with graphic lesbian sex, this lush tale fearlessly and feverishly exposes the political, social and sexual subversions of Victorian-era gender-benders - sapphists, libertines and passing women

Set in 1890s London against a backdrop of music halls and socialist demonstrations, Tipping the Velvet is an engrossing story of a "tommish" woman battered and buoyed by the mores of the times

The circumstances by which Nancy finally finds true love are unpredictable and moving

Amid the gentlemen trolling Piccadilly Circus for trysts with "renter" boys and the wealthy female guests of the Cavendish Clubs "Sapphists Only" parties, Nancy's search for love and identity is a raucous, passionate adventure" ~ Publisher's Weekly

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