Tiny Kushner

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Tony Kushner

Published by Broadway Play Publishing

2 Male 2 Female

Five one-act playlets from the Pulitzer prize winning author of Angels in America

Tiny Kushner reveals that Tony Kushner's mastery of the short form is as pronounced as his mastery of the epic

Replete with scintillating turns of phrase, rich in wit and wisdom, and branded with his trademark intelligence, here are five marvelous short plays by one of the most gifted playwrights of his generation ...

Dr Arnold A Hutschnecker in Paradise - M2,F1

Dr Arnold Hutschnecker, psychotherapist of record to one Mr Richard Milhous Nixon, undergoes his own psychotherapy session

A year after his death in Paradise

East Coast Ode to Howard Jarvis - M1

The play concerns an elaborate New York tax-evasion scheme involving public employees

Flip Flop Fly! - M1,F2

Lucia Pamela, Miss St. Louis 1926, and the Queen of Albania meet on the moon

As the evening progresses, a musical comedy play is born

Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy - M2,F1

First Lady Laura Bush gives a reading to Iraqi children just prior to the 2003 invasion

As an Angel watches over the proceedings

Terminating or Sonnet LXXV or "Lass Meine Schmerzen Nicht Verloren Sein" or Ambivalence - M2,F2

A therapist tries to rid herself of a difficult patient

While the pair's lovers hover in the ether


"Tony Kushner's new work consists of five one-act playlets that feature both fictional characters and those borrowed from real life - including Dr Arnold Hutschnecker, who was Richard M Nixon's psychiatrist

Two plays have therapy sessions in them, actually

Three have dead people as characters

One takes place on the moon

All five, however, resonate on the subject of America and the moral complexities created for its citizens by its various advantages in the world ... Mr Kushner's fierce liberal conscience (he's Arthur Miller's heir, in that regard), colossally fanciful imagination and virtuosic gift for composing verbal arias are much in evidence" ~ Bruce Weber, The New York Times

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