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Time Stands Still

2 Male, 2 Female

Donald Margulie Price: $15.95

Time Stands Still uncovers the layers of a relationship between a photo-journalist and a foreign correspondent — once addicted to the adrenaline of documenting the atrocities of war, and now grounded in the couple’s Brooklyn loft

Photographer Sarah was seriously injured while covering the war in Iraq; her reporter partner James had left weeks earlier, when the stress and horrors became too much for him

Now James writes online movie reviews while Sarah recovers, mourning for her Iraqi driver (and former lover) killed in the explosion, and itching to get back behind the camera

"The play's two hours fly by as if you've barely taken a breath ... Ethical dilemmas arise like exploding mines" ~ Variety

"Mr Margulies is a skilled practitioner of fluid dialogue that is naturally funny and sensibly smart" ~ The New York Times

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