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Time Lord - Junior Production - SCRIPT

Large Mixed Cast

Gawen Robinson Price: $19.95

Imagine what it would be like to travel back in time, to be able to visit any historical figure you liked from any era - unbelievable?

But this is exactly what happens to Harriet and Sam as they explore a rambling old house that is their new home and discover a hidden cupboard that has been sealed up for over 70 years

Inside the cupboard they discover an old board game called Time Lord which leads them to meet a real Time Lord and go on an incredible journey into the past

This amazing adventure story is bursting with catchy songs, fascinating characters and a healthy dose of rip-roaring comedy

On their journey the time travellers meet some fantastic historical characters like Florence Nightingale, Beethoven, and Boudicca along with a group of evacuees from the 2nd World War

However, as in all adventure stories, danger lies ahead ...

The evacuees had unwittingly unleashed a group of fierce aliens/humanoids/dinosaurs from prehistoric times that are now determined to win back the planet

Each of the historical figures gives the travellers a magical object that they can use in times of need

Each visitor must use their gift wisely particularly when the Time Lord is captured

Can the Time Lord be rescued?

Or will, once again, the creatures rule the Earth?

• Age Guide KS 2 (7-11)

• Runs about 50 minutes

• 27 speaking roles + Unlimited chorus parts

• Easy to stage and costume

Click the Speaker and listen to a Sample of the Songs ...

We Are Champions
Raptor Rap
Time Lord
Time Travel
Steggor Rap
Ludwig’s Funky Groove
Going Home

No pianist required

For a CD of Backing Tracks + Sound Effects, click here

For a CD of Vocal Tracks, click here

The CDs include Overture, ALL Songs, Special Effects, Play Ons and Play Offs in the order you need them enabling production and direction to take place without specialist musical expertise

For a Performance Piano Score (Grade 5), click here

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