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This Beautiful Future

1 Male, 1 Female

Rita Kalnejais Price: $14.95

A play about love in the extreme, set in occupied France during World War II

Elodie is 17

She’s French

She washes her legs before going to church

She believes in God

Otto is 15

He’s a German soldier

With bulletproof skin

And eyes that could pierce tanks

He was part of a firing squad today

It’s 1944

Outside, the world around them is exploding

Inside, the room shakes

As Elodie and Otto’s naked bodies touch


"There’s a thing that happens right at the end of [this] astonishing new play that moves it from “one of the best things I’ve seen this year” to “one of the best things, full stop” ... if I did stars it would get at least five" ~ Andrew Haydon

★★★★★ A teenage Nazi soldier and a French girl secretly meet on the eve of the American army's triumphant arrival, spending one last night together before their worlds are turned upside down ... This Beautiful Future mines this compellingly weighted scenario for all it's worth ... nothing is straightforward ... An extraordinary work" ~ The Stage

"... an exquisite, beautiful piece performed with such truth, delicacy and daring. Blown away" ~ Juliet Stevenson

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