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Thirty Short Comedy Plays for Teens

Laurie Allen Price: $17.95

Teenagers love to act crazy, push boundaries, take chances, and explore opportunities

So why not channel their energy and excitement onto the stage?

These 30 short plays, ranging in length from three to seven minutes, give actors the opportunity to create outrageous characters in the context of situations they know so well

With natural dialogue and believable situations, young actors will love exploring these real life teen dilemmas presented in a comedy format

Written for mixed casts of two to six actors, each play is complete with stage directions, simple props, and a setting

Contemporary situations enable students, actors, and the audience to relate easily to the material, such as:

Un-Identical Twins

Four Boyfriends

Last Free Summer

The Babysitter

Suitable for all ages, even inexperienced young actors will have the opportunity to entertain audiences a they show off their talents

And do what teens do best -- laugh!


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