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They Sing Christmas Up In Harlem - A Lenox Avenue Christmas Carol

6 Male, 6 Female

Eric LeRoy Wilson Price: $9.99

In Harlem, in the late 1920s, there lived a numbers running gangster by the name of Ebenezer Scrooge, who struck terror into the heart of the Harlem community

But on a crisp Christmas Eve, it was Scrooge's turn to be frightened!

Ancestral ghosts arrived, attempting to save Scrooge (and Harlem) from hate

Swinging through the past, present and future, this modern-day Christmas Carol is filled with the rhythms of jazz and voices of the Harlem Renaissance

Narrated by a bass player named Charlie, gospel-moaning ghosts, cutthroat gangsters, struggling citizens and poets come together to tell Dickens' timeless Christmas tale

A funny and profound look at how joy and hate can change the face of a city

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