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There’s a Burglar in My Bed

3 Male, 4 Female

Michael Parker Price: $10.95

William Worthington III and his wife are going to be away for the weekend from their two hundred acre Massachusetts estate with its twenty six bedroom mansion - he to Delaware to shoot ducks with the Duponts and she to her mother's in Boston

Both have, in fact, arranged trysts with their respective lovers in the estate's beach cottage. Inevitably their paths cross and divorce is in the air

Neither is willing to give up the world-famous Worthington necklace, so each devises a plan to steal it

True to the laws of farce, both simulated burglaries are scheduled for the same night

Confusion builds upon confusion until the mystery of who has the necklace is revealed in a surprise ending


"The laughs come thick and furious" ~ The Boston Times

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