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The Writer

1 Male, 2 Female

Ella Hickson Price: $12.99

"I want the world to change shape"
"I'm not sure theatre can do that"
"Well then where am I meant to take that impulse because I'm very serious about the endeavour?"

A young writer challenges the status quo

But then discovers that creative gain comes at a personal cost


'Wow! Here’s a drama that channels all the righteous anger of the moment, the pent-up fury that women have found themselves at last allowed to express... [Ella Hickson] hits the jackpot once more with this coruscating examination of power structures both artistic and personal and how received ideas shaped by an inescapably patriarchal society infuse the two realms" ~ Evening Standard

"Riveting ... Playful and impassioned ... Above all, the play is asking a big question: do we need new theatrical forms to reflect a society in the midst of a sexual revolution? Hickson’s approach is witty, clever and keeps the ground shifting under one’s feet" ~ Guardian

"The Writer is an eloquent, intellectually agile, vividly written and frequently furious play ... a meta-theatrical exercise in self-interrogation that also makes for a compelling theatrical experience. Five-Stars. ~ The Stage

"There's epic beauty in this poetically messy, brilliantly clever piece of work .... Ella Hickson is a genius ~ Exeunt

"... a play about feminism now, and the way a woman writer might endeavour (and struggle) to make a truthful piece of theatre in a world putatively male-dominated, if not to say positively patriarchal"~ Telegraph

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