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The Wise Men of Chelm

4 Male, 2 Female

Sandra Fenichel Asher Price: $8.99

Legend has it that when the earth was created and the time came to fill it with people, two angels were chosen to deposit wise and foolish souls evenly over the land. But one angel tripped on a mountain peak and the entire sack of foolish souls emptied out over one spot, a tiny town in Poland called Chelm. Tales of the eternally good-natured but misguided Wise Men of Chelm are said to date back to the 1500s. This script, set in the late 19th century and sparkling with opportunities for traditional folk dance and humor, weaves together several favorites from Jewish folklore. But you don't have to be Jewish to put your conclusions before your facts, pin all your dreams on a feather, or recognize yourself and everyone you know in the antics of The Wise Men of Chelm! Minimal set.

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