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The Winterling

4 Male, 1 Female

Jez Butterworth Price: $24.95

In this comedy thriller from the author of Mojo and The Night Heron, West waits in a burnt-out farmhouse, on Dartmoor, in the depths of winter, for two associates from the city

The wine has been poured and the revolver loaded

But who is waiting upstairs?

'A well-honed play with knock-out one-liners ... as tales of torture and treachery unfold, the black comedy never misses' ~ Time Out

'A gobsmacking verve that is sadly rare in today's British theatre ... written with all of Butterworth's characteristically high-octane flair, the text flashes with jokes, shines with images and oozes menacing bonhomie ... it really rocks' ~ Aleks Sierz, Tribune

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