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The Wind in the Willows - PLAY VERSION

Large Mixed Cast

Joseph Baldwin from Kenneth Grahame Price: $9.99

The famous English gentlemen, Mr Toad of Toad Hall, sees his first motor car and promptly falls uncontrollably in love with motoring, so he buys a car which he then crashes

Another car is bought, followed by another crash and another and another!

For once at the throttle, Toad in his goggles and duster is a man possessed. Soon he is ruled off the road

Then he steals a car

For this he's sent to jail for 20 years

While there, he learns that Weasels have taken over his old family home and all his friends have been thrown out

But the jailor's daughter adores Toad for his charm and dash and she helps him escape

In an exciting climax, Toad, Ratty, Badger and Mole retake Toad Hall by storm

Cast of 17 characters

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