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The Widow and the Colonel

2 Male, 3 Female

Rochelle Owens Price: $7.99

Is concerned with the courtship of the tall, young frontier colonel George Washington, and the young widow Martha Custis

The action begins at a musical event attended by Martha Custis and her friend Mrs Chamberlayne, at which the dashing Colonel Washington appears to pay too close attention to the bewitching Sally Fairfax, the wife of one of his oldest friends

But, aided by Mrs Chamberlayne, the two young people come together in a series of amusing and sensitive encounters which reveal the yearnings and contradictions that beset them both. And, in the end, the depth of their feelings for each other is made real and plans are begun for the joyous occasion of their wedding

An insightful, warm-hearted and amusing play which deals with the courtship of George Washington and Martha Custis

Originally written for radio, under a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the stage version offered here, specially prepared by the award-winning author, was selected for inclusion in Best Short Plays

"A rare and daring dramatic imagination" ~ NY Times

" A true theatre poet" ~ Newsweek

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