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The Whirligig

5 Male, 3 Female

Hamish Linklater Price: $8.99

A rollicking, rural romance about Death, Time, Mistaken Identity, Chance, Sex, Chancy Sex, and mostly Love

Just south of Williamstown, if you take a left at the Red Lion Inn, there’s an off-season part of Berkshire County where no one locks their doors

Just in case someone comes home who’s forgotten their key

In this quiet corner of Western Massachusetts, a motley cast of strangers from a dying young woman’s past find one another on a night when they need each other most



“[Linklater] has whipped up a multicourse meal for fellow actors to feast upon … brimming with showy but spontaneous reversals of feeling along with dialogue that dances off the tongue” ~ NY Times

“…expressionistic in form and melancholy in tone … a touching play" ~ Variety

“…a mixture of tragedy and comedy is central to Hamish Linklater’s affecting and intelligent play, which references the bittersweet late works of Shakespeare and also borrows some of their tone" ~ Time Out NY

“Linklater has a keen dramatic sense …plus a knack for sparkling dialogue …heartening and life-affirming” ~ The Huffington Post

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