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The Warrior Queen - Boudica and the Romans - ASSEMBLY PACK

Large Mixed Cast

Anthony James & Tim Spencer Price: $24.95

This ASSEMBLY PACK is a shortened 10-15 minute version of the parent title



CD with both backing music and rehearsal tracks so that even a non-music teacher can rehearse the children

A Piano Libretto music Score

A reduced Art Pack for the costumes

A simple Fact sheet giving the real historical facts

In fact a mini version of the parent show with three songs


A Celtic storyteller and the Roman historian Tacitus recount the story of the Warrior Queen, Boudica. After her husband's death she is beaten and her people mistreated by the Romans. Calling on the ancient Iceni God, Andraste, Boudica leads a revolt against the Romans, destroying three cities

The desperate Roman leader, Suetonius, must stop the revolt before the Romans are forced to leave Britain. After a great battle Boudica's army is destroyed and to avoid capture she takes poison

All is not lost however, and with the help of the Celtic God Andraste, Boudica sees her rebellion forge a new relationship between the Roman invaders and original Britons and a new era of peace begin

The Warrior Queen is a fictional story accurately based on the historical facts and spiritual beliefs of both the Celts and Romans

Created specifically for children this is a musical that allows children to learn about both cultures

Although Boudica takes poison at the end of the story, it is her defiance that helps both the Celts and the Romans to live and work together

The finale credits Boudica for creating a time of peace and prosperity for Britain

The play is accompanied by a musical score of memorable songs

Royalty free if you don't charge the audience

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