The Warner Loughlin Technique - An Acting Revolution

The Warner Loughlin Technique - An Acting Revolution $24.99

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Warner Loughlin

Published by Howland Tilley Press

For the first time in print, comes a revolutionary acting technique from the premiere acting coach of our era

The Warner Loughlin Technique empowers the actor to create rich, nuanced and unique characters

It debunks the myth of the tortured actor and guides you step by step through her groundbreaking technique revealing powerful ways to unlock your creativity in a psychologically safe way

The technique has been used to help create some of the most remarkable performances of our time from actors such as Amy Adams, Ryan Reynolds, Kyra Sedgwick and countless other Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony and Grammy nominees and winners

It proposes an analytical approach, breaking down characters before deconstructing the scenes they're in

It then turns the material from the script into "Core Knowledge - The History of the Character"

Extrapolating how these characters would then react from that knowledge, the technique then determines what drives these fictional players by exploring their needs and fears, allowing actors to perform more fluidly

More commonly accepted methods - from molding intricate backstories to actors' examining their own emotions - still have roles

But these tactics are kept separate from the actor's history through strategies that permit the creation and experience of a character's world rather than a re-tread of the performer's

Along with protecting the actor's psyche, valuable tips and tricks abound, including practices to avoid such as excessive note taking, memorization, and perfectionism

The book has an easy, colloquial tone - often sharing Warner Loughlin's own life experiences to illustrate certain points - as if the reader is working with her one-on-one

This groundbreaking and approachable acting method will change the way acting will be taught for generations to come


"I've been working with Warner Loughlin for years. Not only has she helped me become a better actor, but she's also helped me truly enjoy this work in ways I never imagined" ~ Ryan Reynolds

"Working with Warner was a revelation. I doubted that I could ever work without "observing" and judging every moment. I will be forever grateful [to Warner] for helping me get back to the joy of living in the spontaneous truth of every scene" ~ Kyra Sedgwick

"The Warner Loughlin Technique has become part of my creative process. Warner worked with us on Disney's Frozen and helped us create truthful characters. I've never felt so comfortable animating a character before and I think the sophistication in the performance in the film speaks for itself." ~ Lino DiSalvo, Head of Animation for Disney's Frozen

"I met Warner over 10 years ago. She has coached me through comedy, drama, and even life! She has not only given me tools to be better at my job, but tools to be 100% confident through the process" ~ Emma Roberts

"Before I started working with Warner on the technique, I felt like acting was just something that I could some days do, and some days not do. It was only through doing deep 'emotion with detail' that I could act everyday how I wanted to. Now being on set and being the character is fun and never feels pushed. I love the technique and it has helped me immensely" ~ Sosie Bacon

" ... .an in-depth exploration of the transformative acting methods of Warner Loughlin, one of the era's beloved and experienced acting coaches... a groundbreaking acting technique that helpfully debunks the notion that actors must be tortured to be successful. Its helpful guidance will help actors to unlock their creativity in a way that is safe for their hearts and minds" ~ Foreword Reviews

"I was able to find my voice, and to find tears and to find levels, because I was able to have a safe place to go, that I could come back from. With your technique, in character prep, when I visit a character's life, her past and create an event good or tragic - that belongs to her. I don't take ownership of that pain with me. I don't take it on as my own ... So this allows me not to be scared to go there, which allows me freedom as an actress to do anything, because I don't own it. It belongs to my character" ~ Amy Adams

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