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The Walworth Farce

3 Male, 1 Female

Enda Walsh Price: $12.99

A remarkable play from the author of Bedbound and Disco Pigs, about what can happen when we become stuck in the stories we tell about our lives

It's 11 o'clock in the morning in a council flat on the Walworth Road in London

In two hours' time, as is normal, three Irish men will have consumed six cans of larger, fifteen crackers with spreadable cheese, ten pink biscuit wafers and one oven-cooked chicken with a strange blue sauce

In two hours' time, as is normal, five people will have been killed

Visceral and tender, The Walworth Farce combines hilarious moments with shocking realism

Fringe First Award for outstanding new writing on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe


'An unsettling but exhilarating blend of the hilarious with the horrifying' ~ Irish Times

'Walsh has outdone himself with a new play more complex, dark and emotionally rich than any of his previous efforts ... a theatrical experience that claws at the imagination for days afterwards' ~ Variety

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