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* The Verdict

Large Mixed Cast

Margaret May Hobbs from Barry Reed Price: $9.75

** 25% DISCOUNT **

An accomplished stage adaptation of the novel by Barry Reed and the film by Sidney Lumet starring Paul Newman, James Mason and Charlotte Rampling

Frank Galvin is a washed-up veteran lawyer and an alcoholic, now reduced to ambulance-chasing cases

He is presented with one last chance to redeem himself when he is given an open-and-shut medical malpractice case that no one thinks he can win

Up against the unforgiving Boston medical establishment, he courageously refuses an out-of-court settlement, believing it is negligence that has condemned a young mother to life in a coma and not simply an unfortunate accident

Smelling a cover-up, he instead takes the case and the entire legal system to court

Margaret May Hobbs’ stage adaptation of the courtroom thriller was premiered by Middle Ground Theatre Company in 2017

M9,F5 (flexible with doubling)

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