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The Velocity of Gary (Not His Real Name)

1 Male, 0 Female

James Still Price: $9.99

"It's not that Gary doesn't say 'I do' several times a day. He does. And it's not that he has a reputation for saying 'I don't.' He doesn't. Everyone falls in love with Gary for both of these reasons."

A story, a confession, a revelation - this play takes place in the past, in the present and in the infinity of Gary's mind. Armed with his theme ("Anything can happen") and a pair of leopard-print underwear Gary dreams about kissing somebody, but along the way finds himself in New York addicted to phone sex, attending memorial services for strangers and passing out at the memory of Cream of Wheat boxes.

While he sleeps with Batman and a man named Ponce de Leon, he has fantasies about Dracula and Greek gods. His affinity for strange situations leads him through an unforgettable circle of porn stars, deaf transvestites and a dog named Rodney. It's through his surprising friendships with a man named Valentino and a woman named Mary Carmen that Gary discovers his greatest poetry, humor, pain and hope.

One critic wrote, "James Still's powerfully moving narrative is about a young hustler learning too much too fast, but still naive and romantic and in love with hope."

Still has performed his solo piece in arts centers, classrooms, living rooms and theaters. For the first time, it is being made available to other performers. Minimal set.

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