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The Vampires

3 Male, 3 Female

Harry Kondoleon Price: $9.99

Ed, a carpenter turned playwright, has had his would-be masterpiece savaged by his brother, Ian, a drama critic

Ian, upon losing his job, decides he is a vampire—sinking his fangs into his wife's neck, before sending out to the butcher shop for a fresh supply of blood

Ian's decision to "hate everything" does not, however, spare him the wrath of his disgruntled brother, who demands that he recoup the damage from his theatre review by restaging the play for an invited VIP audience

Ed and his wife are also searching for their precocious thirteen-year-old junkie daughter, a quest which Ian's wife abets by sending her favorite guru off to look for her

When the missing Zivia turns up she has apparently acquired supernatural powers (and married the guru) all of which leads ingeniously to the hilarious (if cautionary) final scene

And as Eileen Blumenthal puts it, "one is left with a vision of traditional America, decadent and stupid, taken over by a new order that is brainless, fanatical, and barbarian"

A biting, wildly funny black comedy by one of American theatre's most brilliantly creative playwrights

"As he's demonstrated in the past, Mr. Kondoleon is a promising young writer with a tart tongue and off-the-wall sensibility" — NY Times

"Kondoleon is a fast hand with absurd humor, particularly the telling quip that reveals personality" — NY Daily News

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