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The Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall

4 Male, 1 Female

Clark Gesner & Nagle Jackson Price: $9.99

This whimsical musical about nutty mischievousness in an English girl's school and a cheerfully oblivious head mistress is full of the light hearted charm and sprightliness of British boarding school humor

The play takes the form of a series of miscellaneous pranks performed by the girls of Morrissey Hall, climaxing in a hilarious battle between students and faculty

Through it all is the imperturbably sunny and optimistic headmistress, trying to remain the center of sanity in the midst of the girls' comic and benign lunacy

"It takes off in a chain of delightful absurdities.... There is a playfulness to it that is most appealing" ~ N.Y. Times

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