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The Ubu Plays - Ubu Roi & Ubu in Chains & Ubu Three

Jeff Goode from Alfred Jarry Price: $8.99

Ubu Roi ~ Where Ubu finds himself crowned the King of Poland, even though he didn’t do anything to get there! But now, how do they get rid of him?

Ubu in Chains ~ After being ousted, ex-King of Poland Ubu finds himself in America, where a movement of Ubuists have him running for Ruler of America, and he’s winning

Ubu Three ~ Ex-King of Poland, Ex-Ruler of America had disappeared and his fans are worried

Who’s going to murder the innocent bystanders, corrupt the politicians and pollute the environment?

Adults in your audience will enjoy seeing their kids on stage, but will also be treated to a rousing production of youth’s theatre unlike any other

Ubu uses children’s joyful energy to create a world of excitable sycophants and impishly sadistic rulers which comically mirror our own. A wild and witty bit of entertainment

This collection of three short plays walks the line between political farce and childish buffoonery

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