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The Two Notorious Ladies of London

2 Male, 3 Female

Victor Gentile Price: $7.99

Act I Scene I:

Melinda and Tabitha, are in a quarrel over the colour of ribbon for stockings. Which leads to a conversation of their being spied upon by a nosey neighbor, that they read of in the gossip column,of a popular gazette. They plot revenge. Melinda tells Tabitha of two gentlemen they will be entertaining that evening, and that the evening is very important.

Act I Scene II:

Marrick and Dareing enter, and are conversing of the munitions masters tampered report. Marrick tells Dareing how they will set a trap, to catch him. Dareing tells Marrick he has received an invitation, from the two notorious ladies of London asking their presence that evening for entertainment and conversation. To which they accept.

Act II Scene I

The gentlemen and ladies are at cards and discussing many subjects regarding amusing topics of many humorous subjects.

Act III Scene I:

The two notorious ladies of London enter conversing of the two gentlemen, and are discussing their qualities and preferences. The nosey neighbor has struck again. And the ladies plan more scandal and revenge against her.

Act III Scene II:

The two Officers enter and are still investigating the matter of the munitions master, and how best to deal with him. Dareing informs Marrick he has received another invitation, to visit the two notorious ladies. And they plan another visit.

Act IV Scene I:

The captain and Miss Carey are at cards and Marrick is conversing with Miss Sherry. And many humorous subjects are discussed.

Act V Scene I:

Marrick and Dareing enter and discuss their leaving for Quebec. And other matters regarding the two notorious ladies of London. And how they caught the munitions master too, and were rewarded for their action.

Act V Scene II:

The two notorious ladies of London enter and are extremely happy, regarding Marrick and Dareing's generosity, And Melinda and Tabitha are happy to be able to pay the rent of their fashionable address. Tabitha asks Melinda why other ladies find it difficult to maintain a fashionable address to which Melinda replies; "Not for the two notorious ladies of London".

Which ends the play.


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