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The Trap

2 Male, 2 Female

Kieran Lynn Price: $16.95

A biting new topical comedy about the perils of a capitalist world ...

Tom and Clem are deep in debt

Alan - Tom’s boss - owes big bucks

Meryl - Alan’s manager - is mortgaged to the hilt

When payday loan company The Debt Duck’s owner retires to his luxury chalet, Tom, Clem, Alan and Meryl each decide to crack his safe, steal some cash and put an end to their financial woes

But will they break the cycle of debt?

Or is this just another terrible trap?

Runs about 80 minutes


★★★★ This is a highly perceptive play, with the behaviours of government, consumers and businesses all under scrutiny, without being preachy ... a sharp and insightful play, enjoyable and acerbic in equal measure ~ Londontheatre1

“… a timely take on our money-mad world” ~ North Texas News

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