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The Theatre of Images - Three Plays

Bonnie Marranca - ed Price: $20.95

Three plays - pandering to the Masses - A Misrepresentation by Richard Foreman & A Letter for Queen Victoria by Robert Wilson & The Red Horse Animation by Lee Breuer

The three plays collected in The Theatre of Images challenge the conventional understanding of performance

In Pandering to the Masses - A Misrepresentation, Richard Foreman, a philosopher as well as a playwright, creates a reality on stage that reflects his own reality - focusing on familiar, everyday events with the addition of recorded voice and projected image

A Letter for Queen Victoria, by Robert Wilson, is an opera without singers and verbal declamations take the place of arias, creating a spectacle without narrative structure through tableaux and gesture

Represented in comic-book form, The Red Horse Animation demonstrates the play's reliance on cinematic techniques in its composition

It is what author Lee Breuer calls "caption literature," a radical alternative drama documenting the conception of dramatic work

With introductory essays by Bonnie Marranca, this reissue of The Theatre of Images brings back to print one of the most influential books on the American avant-garde in the last two decades

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